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Copper Color Resin and Olive Wood Wall Cross

Copper Color Resin and Olive Wood Wall Cross

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Our handmade crosses are unique and combine two beautiful natural materials, resin and olive wood, to create a unique and stunning piece of religious art.

The careful carving and polishing of the olive wood creates warm, earthy tones that perfectly complement the vibrant hues and swirling patterns of the copper color resin with the cross.

The resin used in the creation of this cross has been expertly mixed with pigments and dyes to produce a range of stunning colors and effects, such as the appearance of bubbles suspended in mid-air and an almost ethereal effect.

Only the highest quality resin has been selected for this cross, ensuring both clarity and durability, while the use of natural olive wood adds an extra layer of meaning and symbolism.

Whether displayed as a decoration in your home or office as a personal symbol of faith, this resin and olive wood cross is a true work of art that embodies the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade religious art.

You can simply use the screws that will be included in your package. After mounting there won't be any open space for a perfect look.

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